Hors Surface is a contemporary circus company from Toulon (83)

Having asserted itself for almost 10 years in a process of writing and creation in the field of contemporary circus, his choreographic language pushes the body to its physical limits in a poetry of movement in its raw state. Damien Droin (artistic director of the company Hors Surface) is inspired by acrobatic and aerial techniques from the circus and built from the dramaturgy of the show. She nourishes herself through an interaction of all the mediums that compose it (scenography, sound, light, machinery, new magic) until her final writing.

Damien DROIN’s research revolves around the perception of the world, most often immersed in extraordinary scenographies. He creates imaginary universes, mental spaces and parallel worlds which draw their strength from reality.

The HORS SURFACE company continues its search for an original artistic language where the question of movement comes to question that of space. Whether by the scenographic particularity of L’Acronet (stretched canvas of 60m2) as in BOAT – Poetic Trance or TETRAKTYS, whether it is the tilting of the Open Cage plan.

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