Hors Surface is a company of New Circus based in Toulon (83) created in 2011. Damien DROIN, artist and director has been in charge of the artistic direction of the company since the beginning.

His first two creations, Boat – Transe Poétique and Tetraktys – Un Conte Slam Acrobatique were created with 4 hands with the composer Laforest between writing, composition and choreography. The scenography of these 2 pieces originates from Acronet (50m2 net-trampoline associated with a tightrope walker 5m above), a structure designed by Damien Droin during his training at the CNAC.

The Compagnie Hors Surface finds its balance by alternating creations for the Public Space and for the Theater, thus questioning the relationship to the public and to performance. From the outset, in a demanding and resolutely multidisciplinary writing, the company claims in its creations an intense physical commitment, combined with the precision of an emotional writing, as only music allows.


The last 2 creations, Open Cage, released at BIAC Marseille in 2019 (show for the venue) and Le Poids des Nuages, released at BIAC Marseille in 2021 (show for Espace Public) are on tour.
The Compagnie Hors Surface is currently in the process of creating a new project: Entre deux Mondes (show for the venue – creation of the Spring 2022 Festival).

Damien Droin’s research never ceases to question the changing space / world, to probe the transformations underway, to observe the continuous birth of reality and its representations through the encounter between arts, territories and audiences. He is passionate about creating imaginary universes and mental spaces. Asserting itself for more than 10 years in a process of writing and creation in the field of contemporary circus, his choreographic language pushes the body to its physical limits in a poetry of movement in its raw state. Inspired by acrobatic and aerial techniques from the circus, it nourishes the dramaturgy of the show thanks to an interaction of all the mediums that compose it (scenography, sound, light, machinery) until its final writing.

The invention and creation of “scenographic” apparatus is at the heart of the artistic research of the company. Hors Surface seeks an original artistic language where the question of movement comes to question that of space, whether for example by the particularity of the ACRONET (stretched canvas of 60m2) as in Boat or Tetraktys, or by the tilting of plan from Open Cage.


For 5 years, Hors Surface has also been involved in international exchange and creation projects (notably in Brazil from 2014 to 2017, in South Korea in 2018 and 2019 and in Guinea since 2020).

Statement of intent

Being an artist is about giving emotion and asking questions (but never giving an answer).


I am looking for the theatricality of the body, I am looking for a language that erases the boundaries between dance and aerobatics, between inking and flight.
I like to create universes outside of reality, to question where each individual is. I create unique shows where the scenographic elements are an integral part of the dramaturgy of my pieces. My writing is built in a strong visual universe, which participates in the dramaturgical framework, by relying on an important work of creating spaces using light.

I draw my inspiration from traveling and discovering the world, I insert into my work images of the myths and rituals of each country visited. Ritualistic practices perfectly reflect the conflict between body and mind. In my work, there is a spiritual, metaphorical and existential dimension.

I like to explore the relationship between gravity and the subconscious.

____ Damien Droin

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