Damien Droin


In 2014, Damien Droin went for the first time to Rio de Janeiro. He went there to hold a trampoline workshop in the creation space of Brazilian “Troupe Intrepid”. In this context, he met Lavinia Bizzotto.

She is a dancer and has been part of the Quasar Dance Company for 10 years where she has developed a powerful and dynamic dance technique with acrobatic movements, in the limit of imbalance. She joined the team of creators of Troupe Intrepid in 2010 who will give classes, research on the process of creating shows with many acrobats.

Soon, the desire to work together is born. Both seek the limits of imbalance, suspension, recovery and fall, with the goal of changing time and space by transgressing the limits imposed by gravity. It has been made possible with the help of the trampoline which allows the impulse, the height of jumps and the suspension of the body in the air.

Through these different research works, they hope together to bring something new to the Brazilian circus.

A residency in France is planned in order to deepen the work of these two artists and their powerful artistic languages. The fruit of their work will then be presented in Brazil, in the form of workshops and courses to trace the creative process.

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