Damien Droin

South Korea

The Saber Era – Franco-Korean co-production project

The Korean company Project Nalda, wishing to integrate a Circassian dimension into its work, contacted the Company Hors Surface. His wish then was to co-realize with Damien Droin the new creation “L’époque du Sabre”.

A first exchange was created in July 2015. Several members of the Project Nalda Company came to France. Damien Droin welcomed them to the Regarde Haut circus school in Cuers. Then, following this first collaboration, Damien also flew to Korea (May 2017). Down there, he led a trampoline workshop and started the creation of the project “L’époque de Saber”.

In order to develop and perpetuate exchanges between Korea and France, the company Hors Surface has approached the National School of Circus Arts in Rosny-sous-Bois. The goal ? organize a rocking course in October 2017 under the tent of ENACR and welcome the members of the Project Nalda Company.

And in December 2017, a second creation phase was carried out in Korea. The company Hors Surface took the opportunity to present the project to institutions (French Institute, Embassy …) and the various partners.

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