Entre deux mondes

Entre deux mondes is a new room for the hall that will bring together 5 artists and 1 singer / actress, combining song, new magic and vertical dance.
Imagined as a circus epic, Between two worlds wants to go and see where the eye stops. Towards new horizons that connect a small humanity. Like the first explorers to conquer the end of the world, five artists will have to face the walls that stand in front of them. Five paths, 5 solos which converge on the same place. They find themselves embarked on an acrobatic and lyrical epic through time.

Guided by a woman, in a world that moves and repels them, the collective adapts, tries to keep the balance before everything changes. A story of place, links, gravity … In this world of poetry, the journeys of these beings light up in a quirky way. A story is taking shape … A story that the woman, who has become a lyric singer, narrator and actress, already seems to know well.
The voice of this 6th character, embodying Chronos in the feminine plunges these five acrobats into a temporal maze. The timekeeper tests this little humanity, overturning their world.