Damien Droin


Poetic and physical, visual and musical, fragmented and rhythmic, willingly hallucinated, a story about the opposites of which we are made.

From our desires to fly to our roots on the ground

From what to learn to what to quit

A numberless tale about verticality.

Freely inspired by the myth of Icar and his desire for ascension
Var artist Damien Droin has created a choreography that defies the laws of gravity. The jumps are thus suspended on a wire. Dance mingles with aerobatics to make way for a poem erected in space.

A unique aerial structure combining a huge 8m X 8m trampoline with a tightrope walker 5 meters above. This scenography blends in perfectly with natural spaces and invites poetry.

Conception, scenography and choreography by Damien Droin

  • Show duration: 20 min
  • For all
  • Outdoor show