Damien Droin

Open Cage

A dreamlike dive into the unconscious of a strange character whose life seems frozen around his bed.

We discover a decor that revolves around a spartan room and reminds us of a psychiatric hospital.

The spaces move and follow one another, we tip over to the other side of the mirror. A wandering turns into a vertical ascent. His metamorphosis begins. This new reality changes and changes very quickly, the routines get stuck. He will have to reinvent himself, find a new balance and take the risk of jumping into the unknown to approach a new freedom.

A quest for oneself.

This circus piece plunges us into the madness of a man for whom everything changed. Hallucinations and desires merge with reality when a reckless and fearless young nurse arrives. In the decor of a hospital room, anything becomes possible.

A trampoline, ropes, but much more than that. A cage. Open, provided the door is found.

Freedom, in the name of which we must fight, with all our body offered to weightlessness.

A show where mental barriers are embodied to better reveal the characters’ unlimited capacity to reinvent themselves.

Concept and direction by Damien Droin

Circus artists: Sarah Devaux; Damien Droin / Composer and performer: Benjamin Viq / Stage manager: Adrien Geiler / Lighting design and general management: Aline Tyranowitcz / Scenography: Ségolène de Chassy; Damien Droin / Production collaboration: Yann Eucauvre / Magic: Benoit Dattez / Artistic accomplices: Thomas Guerry; Dimitri Lemaire; Bernard Quental / Builder: Benjamin Gorlier


Artistic residency

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