Open Cage

Below, horizontally, a man. Feet on the wall and gaze at the stars who wander, aimlessly, in what seems to be a routine. Something comes out of this state. He seems lost and locked up in this place. Nothing, however, prevents him from leaving it. A dreamlike plunge into the unconscious of a strange character whose life seems frozen around his bed.

Another space appears and, as in a dream, plunges us on the other side of the mirror. A wandering turns into a vertical ascent. Its metamorphosis begins. This new reality changes and changes very quickly, the routines are jammed. He will have to reinvent himself, find a new balance and take the risk of jumping into the unknown to approach a new freedom.

A quest for self.

This circus piece immerses us in the madness of a man for whom everything has changed. Hallucinations, desires are mixed with reality when a daring and fearless young nurse arrives. In the decor of a hospital room, everything becomes possible.

A trampoline, ropes, but much more than that. A cage. Open, provided you find the door.

Freedom, in whose name you have to fight, with your whole body offered to weightlessness.

A show where mental barriers are embodied to better reveal the unlimited capacity of characters to reinvent themselves.


Artistic residency

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