Yotam Peled

Contemporary dancer floor and aerial acrobat dance teacher, choreographer


2004 and forth:​ ​Practicing Capoeira.
(2007-2010: Army service in the Israeli Defense Forces) 2010-2011:​ ​Maslool​ – Professional Dance Program under Naomi Perlov, Tel Aviv.
2011-2014:​ ​Sandciel​ School for Contemporary Circus, specializing in Acrobatic Dance & Corde Lisse (aerial rope) – granted ​Impact​ scholarship for higher education.



  • ●  Pyromania​ group​ – physical theater, dance and acrobatics:‘The Story Of Light’,‘Pyromania Show’, ‘Magma’(​ Makao Spring Festival, China, 2014).
  • ●  ‘The Walkers’ – Temakarys​ Contemporary Circus Company, Israel.2015:
  • ●  Suite’​ – Mayumana ​group, Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • ●  Think Big​ – choreographers David Blazquez, Andrew Skeels, Mélanie Lomoff, StaatsoperHannover, Germany.
  • ●  ‘Model of Relations – The Circle’​ – ​video-performance by ​Kuhen Malvezzi​ for the ChicagoArchitecture Biennial.2016/17:
  • ●  The​ ​Yellow Wallpaper’ ​- R&D by Joanne Willmott, Berlin, Germany.
  • ●  ‘Red Triangle Penetrating A Hexagon’ ​- dance Installation by Marko Lulic, Festival NuitBlanche, Monaco.
  • ●  ‘Gravity .0’ ​- Cie. Yann Lheureux, Montpellier, France.
  • ●  ‘Phaidra’​ – Cooperativa Maura Morales, Dusseldorf, Germany.
  • ●  ‘Jim Knopf’​ (film) – choreography by Shang-Chi Sun, Berlin, Germany.2017/18:
  • ●  ‘MY ICARUS COMPLEX’​ ​- a techno-ballet by Troels Primdahl, Aarhus, Denmark.
  • ●  ‘Les Filles Pleurent Aussi’ – ​Cie Autre MiNa / Mitia Fedotenko, Montpellier, France.
  • ●  ‘Tiferet’​ – interdisciplinary project composed by Amir Shpilman, ​RADIKALE JÜDISCHEKULTURTAGE festival at the Gorki theater, Berlin, Germany.
  • ●  ‘SIEBEN’​ – JC movement productions / Jill Crovisier, Luxembourg.



  • ●  Not Ready Yet’ ​- duet, created for ​IntimaDance ​Festival & ​Mahsan 2​.
  • ●  ‘Do You Read Me?!’ ​ ​directing the piece – Sandciel Circus School, Israel.
  • ●  ‘CRUSH’​ – Urban Dance Project in residency, Lake Studios, Berlin, Germany.2017
  • ●  Boys Don’t Cry’ ​- solo, performed in the following international venues –10 times 6 Uferstudios, Let Me In festival (​ Berlin, Germany)​, the black box theater (​Hanoi, Vietnam), SoloChoreographico festival (Torino, Italy), SoloChoreographico festival (Frankfurt, Germany), SoloDuo festival (Cologne, Germany), GIENNALE (Giessen, Germany), Explosive (Bremen, Germany) AltoFest (Naples, Italy), Dansmakers (Amsterdam, NL) audience award – ​Awaji Street Art F​ estival (Awaji Island, Japan), jury’s prize – tanzSpeciher festival (Wurzburg, Germany), jury’s special mention – MASDANZA festival (Gran Canaria, Spain), jury’s prize and best dancer – CorpoMobile festival (Rome, Italy) jury’s prize and audience award – Gdansk Dance festival (Gdansk, Poland).2018
  • ●  ‘Home.Alone’ ​- duet, curated by Lee Meir for ​Nah-Dran Hyper Extended,​ Ada/Uferstudios, Berlin. Performed at “Die Tonne” (Reutlingen, Germany), Explosive Festival (Bremen, Germany)
  • ●  ‘Entropia’​ – a piece for an ensemble of 9 dancers, part of ‘THINK BIG’ project, a collaboration of the city opera and TANZtheater International festival, Hannover.2019/20
  • ●  ‘ALPHA’-​ acreationforfivedancers,selectedfor​TalentLAB#19​,GrandeTheatredelaVille Luxembourg, for a creation residency mentored by Hofesh Shechter. supported by CC Heidelberg, Co-produced and premiered in Trauma Bar und Kino, Berlin. Performed in AltoFest Matera 2019 / European Capital of Culture, and Ingolstadt KulturZentrum.
  • ●  ‘​The Tragedy of the Tiger Beetle’​ – a commissioned creation for 13 dancers of Skopje Dance Theater, North Macedonia.
  • ●  ‘Darwin Deleted’​ – a creation for EDCM, Montreal, Canada, selected by ​Pépinières européennes​ – residency in March – May / 2020.Teaching:Skills: Capoeira, floor-work, acrobatics, acro-dance, contemporary dance, partner-work, aerial rope, composition & improvisation.
    Sandciel Circus School / Israel, Folkwang University of Arts / Essen, Lake Studios / Berlin, Dock11 / Berlin, Fenriz Trainingsraum / Berlin, Piste d’Azure / Cannes, Black Box / Hanoi, National Dance University / Hanoi, City Dance Center / Seoul, Prisma Festival / Panama, Fontys / Tilburg, Trois C-L / Luxembourg, Berlin Circus Festival, E-motion Bodies / Barcelona