Hors Surface is a company based in Toulon (83) created in 2011.

The first two creations were staged by Damien DROIN and Fabrice BOUILLON.

BOAT – Transe poétique and TETRAKTYS – A Slam Acrobatic Tale was created around the Acronet (net-trampoline of 50m2 with a tightrope walker 5m above), a structure designed by Damien DROIN during his training at the CNAC.

Hors Surface is immediately part of a demanding and resolutely multidisciplinary writing, with the desire to go beyond the frames of both music and circus. With the desire to cultivate the best of both worlds, the company claims in its creations an intense physical commitment, in the purest Circassian tradition, combined with the precision of an emotional writing, as only music allows.

The anchoring of BOAT in the universe of Rimbaud underlines an attachment to the text, which continues with the slam universe of TETRAKTYS.

For 5 years, Hors Surface has been developing international exchange and creation projects (Brazil and South Korea).

The last show of the company is Open Cage (creation 2019) and the artistic tour starts in December, in Portugal.

Hors Surface is actually writing and creating three new shows : Le Poids des nuages (2021), Entre deux mondes (2021) and Un triptyque déambulatoire (2022). The description and artistic files coming soon !

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