Le Poids des nuages

Inspired by the universe of Jules Verne, it is an exploration of the intangible, of memory and of time.
A man falls during an ascent. He has gone through something and wakes up elsewhere, as if by himself.

A passage has opened in his memory and his memories are gradually escaping him.

While trying to catch up with them, he realizes that this passage did not only take things …
He realizes that he is not alone in this timeless crossroads.

Two characters share an epic in the maze of a memory that reinvents itself.
Aboard this ship of possibilities, they seek to build their exit door.

In this project, Damien Droin wishes to explore 2 axes:

Our relationship to memories and memory. I want to go find the sensations that the discovery of memories that no longer belong to us can bring.
I started to suggest to authors to write these memories of lost lives, which will give a dramaturgical framework to acrobatic writing.

The other. Starting from a character attracted by the void, who seeks contact, who falls and goes up again. Until a door opens into the void. He went to the other side. He is below and the other is above.

In a dreamlike space, two individuals weave amazing relationships between them and find themselves caught up in the movements of a tormented memory. Two acrobats transport us, questioning us about collective memory, the difficulty of anchoring, the loss of bearings and the questioning of reality.


Artistic residency

Subventioned by

With the precious support of

Fondation Ecart Pomaret