Damien Droin


The meeting of the Circus and the Word, A unique air structure, An acrobatic slam tale.
Two men on stage in a blue world,
Original Abyss or Overseas Jungle …
Two ages, a life cycle waiting for fulfillment.

It’s a tale about transmission.

An initiation, a quest for perfection.
A tale about evolution.
Poetic and physical, visual and musical, fragmented and rhythmic, willingly hallucinated, a tale about the opposites of which we are made.
From our roots on the ground to the desires for flight
What to learn about what to leave
A tale without number on the verticality.
The call of altitude as a metaphor for a mandatory ambition:
is this our only possible option, as a species, as a man?

Two men meet together in this place ageless, fantastic, at the crossroads of time.
The youngest does not speak, move, run, dance, jump, apprehend the world by the body. The Elder is more learned, he has the words and their rhythm for domain, sings, strikes, declaims …

From their mutual attention to learning from each other, their relationship is exhausted. The link becomes a cage, affection a prison. The violence emerges. This is the moment when everyone has to go alone.

On a fabulous structure, floating ship, acrobatic theater, the youngest part goes to the unknown. A virtuoso evolution that rhymes with elevation. Unless it is … pure ambition.

In this world of poetry, visual, textual, musical, the journeys of these beings are illuminated in offset. A story is emerging … A story that the Elder, now in turn Mr. Loyal, narrator and actor, already seems to know well. The myth of Icarus rubs against human resources, the tightrope walker is a jaded genius over a battlefield, love the volatile memory of a song, the magic is never far …

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