Compagnie Hors Surface


Creation 2012


Creation 2012



All ages – 1h


Production Compagnie Hors Surface
Conception and setting Damien Droin 
Interpreters Damien Droin ; Fabrice Bouillon Laforest Composer Fabrice Bouillon Laforest 
Scenography Sigolène De Chassy
Collaborations artistic Jean-Michel Guy ; Sébastien Cormier
Light design and technic Anthony Lopez
Sound design and technic Benoit Riot le Junter

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Author's note

The Encounter of the Circus and the Verb, A Unique Aerial Structure, An Acrobatic Slam Tale.

Two men on stage in a blue world, an abyss of origin or a jungle from beyond time…

Two ages, a life cycle waiting to be fulfilled. It’s a tale about transmission, an initiation, a quest for perfection. A tale about evolution.

Two men come together in this ageless, fantastic place, at the crossroads of time. The younger one does not speak, moves, runs, dances, jumps, apprehending the world through his body. The Elder is more knowledgeable, he has words and their rhythm as his domain, chanting, striking, declaiming…

From their mutual attention to learning from each other, their relationship becomes exhausted. The bond becomes a cage, affection a prison. Violence emerges. It’s the moment when each must continue his path alone. On a fabulous structure, a floating vessel, an acrobatic theater, the younger one sets off into the unknown. A virtuoso evolution that rhymes with elevation. Unless it is… pure ambition.

In this world of visual, textual, and musical poetry, the paths of the two beings illuminate each other in a different way. A story unfolds… A story that the Elder, who becomes alternately the Ringmaster, narrator, and actor, seems to already know well. The myth of Icarus rubs shoulders with human resources, the tightrope walker on his wire is a jaded genius above a battlefield, love is the volatile memory of a song, enchantment is never far away…

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