Compagnie Hors Surface

Boat – Transe poétique

He advances on his wire, indifferent to the world he leaves behind him. Below, an abyss that calls him, to which he will plunge and from where he will return irremediably modified. With BOAT – poetic trance, the Cie Hors Surface we gives to see and hear a very personal exploration of Arthur Rimbaud’s poem “Le Bateau Ivre”.

Acrobatic trance of high flight, built and chiseled on an original musical score, BOAT presents a unique aerial structure associating trampoline and tightrope walker. Tension of the balance, drunkenness of the aerobatics and the fall, suspended grace pianistique, percussive power of the flights, constant dialogue of the acrobat and the musician, BOAT is an echo to the poem: an invitation to be lost, the space for a moment, in a world bounded by sensations and emotions in a wave.

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🤸‍♀️ Suivez les aventures de la compagnie !

🤸‍♀️ Suivez les aventures de la compagnie !

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