Open Cage

Down, horizontally, a man. The feet on the wall and the gaze towards the stars that wanders, without real purpose, in what seems to be a routine. Something is out of this state. He seems lost and locked up in this place. Yet nothing apparent prevents it from coming out. A dreamlike dive in the unconscious of a strange character whose life seems frozen around his bed. Another space appears and, as in a dream, plunges us on the other side of the mirror. A wandering turns into a vertical climb. His metamorphosis begins. This new reality is changing and changing very quickly, the routines are closing. He will have to reinvent himself, find a new balance and take the risk of jumping into the unknown to approach a new freedom. A quest for self.

A single story, the same identity incarnated by two very distinct characters, both accomplices and opponents, thus revealing a psychology much more complex than it seems … One is clumsy, free, reckless and curious, l the other is rigid enough and is afraid of the unknown … The first will try to lead the second in the discovery, invite him to let go to overcome his own limits. His inner struggle is on the front of the stage. Open Cage speaks of dreams and exploration, confinement and conquest. A physical and poetic play that evokes these bonds that hold us back, prevent and manipulate us. In this moving world, two acrobats in search of balance and a musician. Walls that rise and fall, like a metaphor of passing time and push the characters to change their point of view. Two shots, two stories and many possibilities. An impulse of freedom.


Artistic residency

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The Premieres have been scheduled in January 2019 as part of the International Biennale of Circus Arts in Marseille.