Compagnie Hors Surface

Photo de Damien Droin, artiste de cirque contemporain basé à Toulon et directeur artiste de la compagnie Hors Surface
Photo de l'équipe de Trampoville, un projet produit par la compagnie Hors Surface, compagnie de cirque contemporain basé à Toulon et dirigée artistiquement par Damien Droin


Damien Droin

Hors Surface is a Toulon company (83) which has been defending for 10 years a new, multiple circus with high acrobatic requirements. Poetic and visual, this company directed by Damien DROIN develops extraordinary scenographies and claims a unique language between original musical composition and high-level choreography. Damien creates imaginary universes, mental spaces and parallel worlds which draw their strength from reality.

Our artistic line: questioning changing space, our relationship to reality. A multiple circus, which draws its originality from the creation of imaginary worlds.



Damien is passionate about scenography and that’s how he invented during his studies at the CNAC, the Acronet: a stretched canvas of 60 m2 designed with a fishing net, as a trampoline.

This new piece of equipment was then requested and evolves in each new show of the company.

Acronet - Alone

Photo de Damien Droin du spectacle Home. Un spectacle de cirque contemporain de la compagnie Hors Surface, conçus et imaginé par Damien Droin.

Acronet + tightrope walker 5 meters above

Photo du spectacle Le Poids des Nuages, spectacle de la compagnie de cirque contemporain Hors Surface. Mis en scène et conçus par Damien Droin. Spectacle avec trampoline, acronet et voltige Crédit photo Caillou

Acronet + scale in its center


Acronet suspended and mobile

The creative circus is an art of movement, of going beyond. A trigger for experiences and meetings. Today, I continue my journey through forms and trays, and continue to hybridize gestures.

Damien Droin

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