Compagnie Hors Surface

Open Cage

Creation 2019

Open Cage

Creation 2019

Open Cage

All ages, from 7 – 50 min


Production Compagnie Hors Surface
Setting Damien Droin 
Interpreters Damien Droin ; Sarah Devaux (or Noémie Deumié)
Composer Benjamin Vicq
Scenography Sigolène de Chassy
Technical director Charles Périchaud
Light design and technic Aline Tyranowiscz
Builder Benjamin Gorlier
Magis collaborator Benoit Dattez
Artistic collaborator Thomas Guerry ; Yann Ecauvre ; Dimitri Lemaire ; Bernard Quental
Professional support Association Mozaïc

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Note d'intention

A dreamlike dive into the unconscious of a strange character whose life seems frozen around his bed.
We discover a decor that revolves around a spartan room and reminds us of a psychiatric hospital.

The spaces move and follow one another, we tip over to the other side of the mirror. A wandering turns into a vertical ascent. His metamorphosis begins. This new reality changes and changes very quickly, the routines get stuck. He will have to reinvent himself, find a new balance and take the risk of jumping into the unknown to approach a new freedom.

A quest for oneself.

This circus piece plunges us into the madness of a man for whom everything changed. Hallucinations and desires merge with reality when a reckless and fearless young nurse arrives. In the decor of a hospital room, anything becomes possible.

A trampoline, ropes, but much more than that. A cage. Open, provided the door is found.

Freedom, in the name of which we must fight, with all our body offered to weightlessness.

A show where mental barriers are embodied to better reveal the characters’ unlimited capacity to reinvent themselves.

Laureat Processus Cirque 2017

Teaser Open Cage


Open cage

2 February 2024

Venelles (13)

Théâtre de Venelles

Open cage

Logo de Archaos partenaire de la compagnie Hors Surface, compagnie de cirque contemporain basé à Toulon dirigée artistiquement par Damien Droin

15 February 2024

Marseille (13)


Do you need more informations ?

  • Archaos – Pole national Cirque Méditerranée
  • Châteauvallon-Liberté – scène nationale 
  • Pôle régional des arts du cirque des Pays de la Loire – Cité du Cirque Marcel Marceau et Festival Le Mans fait son Cirque
  • PALC – Pole national cirque Grand Est
  • Plateforme 2 Pôle en Normandie – La Brèche à Cherbourg et Cirque Théâtre d’Elbeuf
  • Orphéon – Théâtre Intérieur
  • Théâtre Am Stram Gram
  • Centre régional des arts du cirque Piste D’Azur
  • CNAC – Centre national des Arts du Cirque
  • PJP – Pole Jeune Public – Scène conventionnée pour les arts du cirque 
  • Centre national des Arts en Mouvement

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