Compagnie Hors Surface


Creation 2019


Creation 2019


All ages – 20min 


Production Company Hors Surface (auto-production)
Artistic director and interpreter Damien Droin 


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Author's note

Poetic and physical, visual and musical, fragmented and rhythmic, with a tendency to hallucinate, this is a story about the opposites of which we are made.

From our desire to take flight to our roots on the ground.

From what we must learn to what we must leave behind.

A tale without numbers about verticality.

The call of altitude as a metaphor for an obligatory ambition: is this our only possible option, as a species, as a human being?

A man decides to stop climbing. He wants to go back down, back to the land, back to the sea. A desire to return to his origins.

It’s a plunge into the depths of a rough, unpredictable sea.

An irresistible attraction to where it all began.

On a fabulous structure, a floating vessel, an acrobatic theater, he sets off into the unknown. A virtuoso evolution that rhymes with elevation.

In this world of visual and musical poetry, his destiny takes shape on the horizon.

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26 July

Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône (13)

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29 August

Brest (35)

Festival Rias
Le Fourneau


2 september

Montrouge (92)

Les Soleillades


9 and 10 September

Stade Matmut — Bordeaux (33)

Coupe du monde du Rugby


20 September

Garges-lès-Gonesse (98)

Primo/Moulin Fondu


14 - 15 October

Villeneuve-lés-Avignons (30)

La Chartreuse

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