Compagnie Hors Surface


Creation for 2024


Creation for 2024


Al ages – Around 30 min


Production Compagnie Hors Surface
Choreography, setting Damien Droin 
Interpreters Tristan Etienne, Hugo Couturier, Louise Aussibal, Tanguy Pelayo, Mael Thierry, Noé Chemel
Composer Benjamin Vicq
Technicians Frederic Soria, Kob
Light design Aline Tyranowicz

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Note d'intention

Desires, fears, dizziness, falls, and dreams are inscribed in the desire of flight. This show aims to infect the public space with these bodies that invite us to look up, to gaze higher. Bodies that resist, letting their intimacy overflow into the public space. They narrate these desires we all share, the desire to question everything: what surrounds them, their origins, their limits…

Beyond the usual spaces of the city, they inhabit a small piece of the sky.

The walls and paths define how our bodies adapt and inhabit space. They have an impact on our intimacy. To explore the skies of cities, we will construct a vertical path. Using a structure composed of a wall and two trampolines, the acrobat gains height and magnitude.

Teaser of residence


  • Archaos, Pôle national cirque 
  • Théâtre en Dracénie, scène conventionnée art et théâtre-Draguignan 
  • Archaos, pôle national cirque 
  • Nil Obstrat

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