Compagnie Hors Surface


Creation 2023


Creation 2023


All – 45 min


Production Compagnie Hors Surface
Choreography, setting Damien Droin 
Interpreters Tristan Etienne, Tanguy Pelayo, Hugo Couturier, Louise Aussibal, Noé Chemel, Maël Thierry, Tiago Lopes, Sebastien Van de Walle, Christophe Chapin, Pascal Sogny, David Martin, Neli Schwarzmann, Gasper Novak, Jan Znidarsic et Matev Pogacar
Sound creation Lacrimoboy – Jean Philippe Barrios ; Christophe Rodomisto ; Margot Cassila
Technicians  Charles Périchaud, Kob 
Scenography Atelier Métamorphose and Maureen Brown

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Author's note

Envol is the ambitious production of Hors Surface. Born from the desire to make the boundaries between sport and art disappear, it brings together 18 circus artists, dancers and athletes in a remarkable scenography.

In public view, in the public space, these performers defy the laws of weightlessness and the physical limits of the body. The ambition is not limited to a substantial production, but also extends to the artistic desire to go further, higher and deeper into the possibilities of the circus arts. Giving life to the impossible, transgressing the rules and going beyond the limits are at the heart of this new project directed by Damien Droin.

“I embarked on this unusual project to explore the unknown, the barrier, the obstacle. How to transform the hostile environment, the architecture, the delimitations of spaces into a footbridge, a bridge, a path towards a new reality? This takes shape and life through the meeting between the artists who take the height to see, understand and apprehend each other. This show is a discussion, an exchange that becomes possible despite the structures that rise up into the sky like impassable obstacles. I want to propose a reinterpretation of the use of our environment, I want to show that there is no fixed, immutable barrier that cannot be overcome either by crossing paths or simply by passing beyond them.”

Damien Droin


Next shows



25 February 2024

Marseille (13)

Entre 2 BIAC



31 May 2024

Mont St Michel (51)

Relais de la flamme



15 June 2024

Noisel (77)

Place Ferme du Buisson


21 June 2024

Elbeuf (77)

Cirque Théâtre d’Elbeuf


29 June 2024

Antony (92)

L’Azimut, Festival Solstice

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  • Châteauvallon-Liberté – scène nationale
  • Archaos – Pôle national Cirque Méditerranée
  • Théâtre du Bois de l’Aune
  • La Ferme du Buisson – scène nationale de Marne-la-Vallée
  • Cergy Soit ! – Festival porté par la Ville de Cergy
  • Primo ! – Festival porté par le Moulin Fondu, Oposito – CNAREP
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